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Apple's Oversized Fishbowl

May 31, 2006 / 3 Replies Any body think this was just a delayed April Fool's day joke or that someone just wanted to create an oversized fishbowl effect? Looks like not all Apple products are totally user friendly :)

Click here to see Apple's oversized fishbowl

Smart Bird

May 30, 2005 / 2 Replies This was very cool to watch. The bird is amazing. But one question: who has the time to train a bird to do all of this?

Check it out here

Bet you don't see this in the city!!

Feb 10, 2005 / 0 Replies Either the smartest or the laziest horse I have ever seen. But well worth the chuckle.

Talk Wasted Time & Disappointment

Jan 21, 2005 / 1 Reply This guy spent 18 years setting up an experiment to run on the Huygens probe on Titan and then someone forgot to turn it on. Talk about disappointing.

The Future

Dec 15, 2004 / 1 Reply This is a fun look at the future of Google, Amazon.com and the world in general: EPIC. It's well worth the couple of minutes to see it through. But they missed one vital feature: WOOT.com. If they had added that, it would be complete.

Wireless Internet

Feb 5, 2004 / 2 Replies Wouldn't this be nice:

Canada is beating us.