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Dec 15, 2004 — This is a fun look at the future of Google, Amazon.com and the world in general: EPIC. It's well worth the couple of minutes to see it through. But they missed one vital feature: WOOT.com. If they had added that, it would be complete.

Wirehead says:

I found it pretty interesting, but unlikely. I'm sure there will be some uber-corporations running around that do a lot of what was envisioned in the video, but let's face it: next time we go to war, the US Army isn't likely to embed some 17 year old kid from "www.t3hn3w5.com". The mainstream media isn't going to go away anytime soon, simply because the news has to COME from somewhere. Eventually I could see a large class of independent "reporters" supported by a portion of ad revenue as stated in the video, but IMO there will always be situations that someone who's a freelance reporter with no formal training or affiliation with a news organization simply won't have access to. There are security considerations ("Oh, you're from www.KillTheLiberals.com and you want to see the President's speech? Sure, go right in.") in that to be admitted to a high level news conference or something, the security forces want some assurance that you aren't just some whacko (not to infer that reporters can't be nuttier than a squirrel's winter cache, but you at least will have some idea of their history etc. before letting them in to see some important figure). i don't foresee the media going away anytime soon, and although I can be pretty cranky about the subjects they choose to cover currently, they at least pretend to be unbiased some of the time. If we arrive at a point where a person's sole source of news is blogs and other "filtered" news sources, and this practice becomes widespread, it could practically cause a revolution. Reading a blog, even a very good one, gives you ONE person's (or perhaps a few people's) idea of what is true or important about whatever issues the site concerns. This is true of regular news too, but as I said, regular news at least sometimes mentions that another side to the story exists, whereas all you'll see on a blog is "BUSH IS A DESERTER!" or "KERRY IS A COMMIE". I certainly don't consider the current way that news media works to be ideal, but the concept of entirely individually driven news such as is envisioned in that video really scares me. You think people have trouble agreeing on things NOW?

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