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Apple's Oversized Fishbowl

May 31, 2006 — Any body think this was just a delayed April Fool's day joke or that someone just wanted to create an oversized fishbowl effect? Looks like not all Apple products are totally user friendly :)

Click here to see Apple's oversized fishbowl

Jackson says:

I have to say, though, that if I were trapped in an elevator for 45 minutes, I'd prefer one with a clear view of everything outside.

Dylan says:

...and the potential for some really nifty swag for my trouble.

Wirehead says:

I was going to write a snide post comparing elevator malfunctions in Apple stores to certain, shall we say, "peculiarities" in the design and performance of certain Apple-branded mobile computing devices, with the possible addition of a point about placing appearance over functionality, but it was just too easy.

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